Is God a populist?

Publisert: 2019
- Christianity, populism and the future of Europe

Populist movements are changing the face of European politics. Is God a populist? looks at their strategies to attract voters by claiming to defend Europe's Christian heritage. It asks bold questions about whether these new populists can be trusted, to whom their Christian messaging appeals, and how Europe's established parties, the European public and churches should respond.

"This book raises several questions about the 'soul of Europe', but even about the soul of Christianity itself in Europe. The questions are burning and must be answered, also by the churches in Europe, but not as an abstract discussion about God. What does the universal message of Christ's love for all, not only for 'us', actually mean in practice-when 'they' are not in the colonies or on other continents, but here? That this has consequences for politics based on 'Christian values' is obvious, and this book contributes substantially to this discussion."
– Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit - General Secretary of the World Council of Churches

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